Dust-Off Keyboard Quiver Makes You Biggest Nerd In The Herd

Dust_Off_Quiver.jpgSeriously, if you ever thought those around you doubted your supremacy in the nerdiverse, buying something called a "quiver" for your keyboard and mouse will settle the matter once and for all. It's no +2 Quiver of Plenty, but the $70 Dust-Off Keyboard Quiver, coming this October, may feel like one.

It provides ample space for keyboard and mouse, plus MP3 player, headphones, headset, cell phone, energy drink, airline-sized bag of pretzels and of course Dust-Off brand anti-dust spray (they're not stupid).

Best quote from the press release:

Until now, gamers have had no real dedicated solution for taking their most trusted gear with them when heading off to a LAN event or competition. Standard backpacks are simply not long enough to hold a keyboard and other interesting methods of transport, including hauling along the keyboard in its original box, are just not cool and can easily tarnish a gamer's image.

I'm sorry, but this thing is so dorky, if it doesn't tarnish your gamer's image, nothing would. I can see why the model never shows his face. [Dust-Off]

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