Dream Lover 2000 Keeps That Dawg on a Shocking Leash

This "male management and boyfriend training unit" is an add-on to that CB-3000 male chastity belt that attaches to a submissive male's member, keeping it, and him, out of harm's way or out of anybody else's pants. This Dream Lover 2000 add-on takes it a step further, letting the poor sap's mistress remotely administer shocks, keeping him in line and punishing him as much as he so richly deserves.

dreamlover2.jpg Here's the Dream Lover 2000 remote control unit, letting you give the guy a warning, or you can go ahead with the shocks to keep that schlong where it belongs. You can even decide if it makes an annoying beeping noise or not, adding to the overall unpleasantness. But geez, this thing must hurt. [Dream Lover 2000]

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