Download Race Between Helio Fin, iPhone, Sidekick, and RAZR2

wired_combattants.jpgOur friends at Wired put a stopwatch to a four-way download race between the Helio Fin, iPhone, Sidekick, and RAZR2 with HSDPA. Of course, they wanted to see which one would load the fastest in a straightforward race of phones that have different methods of downloading. See how they finished after the jump. 1st place: Moto RAZR2, 18 seconds (HSDPA) 2nd place: Helio Fin, 24 seconds (EV-DO, but loaded text-only version of the site) 3rd place: Sidekick II, 44 seconds, (GSM, but cached in Danger servers) 4th place: iPhone, 71 seconds (EDGE)


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