DIY Ghetto Blaster Mod Is the Best iPod Boombox Ever

lansonic-mod.jpgWhy settle for a factory made Lasonic iPod boombox when you can make your own with a vintage 1985's Ghetto Blaster? Giz Reader Angelo Brisimitzakis posted his do-it-yourself guide so you can get the real ghetto look and sound yourself.

To do it you will need the Lasonic Ghetto Blaster TRC-931 or a similar model (he got his for $10.00, but on eBay they go from $50 to $170), a $8.00 iPod remote, $3.00 in headphone cabling, $5.00 in hot glue, caulk and epoxy and 10 D-cell batteries for $13.50.

After some wiring, dremeling and epoxying, including the restoration of the Lasonic itself, he ended up with a perfectly working iPod boombox with true 80s flavor. Angelo values the whole thing on $349.00 but I bet Brian Lam will pay more than that to be able to drool all over it and practice his breakdance moves. [Graphic Guide - Thanks Angelo]

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