Digital Fuel Mizer Tells You When You Guzzle Gas Like an A-Hole

digitalfuelmizer.jpgSo I really think this Fuel Mizer Gadget is cool. When you're really being heavy with the gas and brake, it blinks yellow, then red, and beeps, detecting your acceleration and deceleration using what I presume is a built-in accelerometer. It's supposed to coax drivers into driving more gracefully to preserve fuel.

But alternatively, those of us who enjoy our hoonage should think of it as a scoring system. Contrary to the Prius craze, I don't give a shit about wasting gas. I like to drive fast, brake hard, and I grin when my tires break loose on public roads. It makes me happy, because it's fun, and if it means I get 8MPG in my 4.2L V8 AWD car, so be it. [EcoGeek]

AU: Before the green gang starts making nasty comments, this was a post by Brian himself... and I'm... quite sure... I hope... he's being ironic. Mmmkay?

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