Digital Cubes

post62508hspmp.jpgDigital Cube makes some kick-ass PMPs and the s-Station NetForce 2 is no exception. What makes this outing special is the inclusion of that speedy HSDPA connectivity.

HSDPA has never before been implemented in a standalone PMP and this gives the s-Station Netforce 2 reason to be a little big headed about its technological muscle. The other features include; Wi-Fi connectivity, a sizable 4.3" screen (800x480), an Alchemy 1250 CPU and either a 30GB or 60GB hard-drive. The devices are set to retail at approximately $530 (30GB) and a very decent $581 (60GB).

Digital Cube has a very bad habit of single handedly advancing the PMP market in such a way, the rest of the PMPs feel like they are worthless and need a big hug to carry on with their cross media playback. That would be all well and good, but they then go and make the rest of us feel like we are living somewhere in the prehistoric, as they only ever release these goodies in South Korea. We know South Korea rules when it comes to press photos and technology, but guys, have some compassion! [I4U]

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