Dice's Tube Amp for iPod is Well-Stacked, Available September

itr220.jpgThere aren't many iPod docks with tubes around - and those that are seem to be quite 'spensivo. The iTPA-220 from Dice is a cheaper alternative for fifth-generation iPods, boasting a pair of perky Dual 6N3 tubes and 2x20-watt speakers.iPod tube preamplifier - True, audiophile quality music - iPod charging - Video output for use with Video iPods - Remote control functions include: volume control, mute, next/previous track, play/pause - Dual 6N3 tubes for a warm analog sound - iPod compatible docking station - Auxiliary input for additional audio devices such as computers, non-Apple MP3 players and so on

Active Speakers - Built in 2x20 Watt solid state amplifier - 4" mid/bass driver and 1" dome tweeter for full dynamic range - Solid constructed wood acoustic structure enhances the audio quality - Bass reflex port for increased bass response - 1/8" audio in.out connectors for preamplifier - audio cables included

Costing $299, the iTPA-220 is shipping in September, but you can pre-order it on the Dice site now. [Dice Electronics via Playlist]

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