Details on the iRobot Looj Gutter Cleaner Via the FCC

looj.pngEngadget just noted that the iRobot Looj just hit the FCC. There are some terrible photos but I noticed there's a full manual detailing its every function: •The Looj does one gutter at a time. •There's a belt clip for easier transportation of the Looj to rooftops. •There's a detachable handle used to drop it into position that also becomes a remote control. •The nose of the device has a ejector (the fin, which kicks stuff out of the gutter) and disruptor, which breaks up the debris in the first place. After that, a 500RPM rotating sweeper scrubs the gutter. •"Clear all debris in front of ladder before starting auger to avoid being sprayed in the face." Dudes, this is too complicated. How about I just climb on top of my roof with a hand-shovel and hose and clean this mess up myself? [Engadget]


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