Desk Made Entirely Out of LEGO

desk_21.jpgUnlike this CEO desk, which just looks like it's made out of LEGO but actually isn't, this LEGO desk consists only of 35,000 pieces of LEGO bricks. Some details:

AU: And let's not ignore that grandfather clock over his shoulder! That colour scheme tells me that's also a LEGO construction. Nice.

* Approximately 35,000 LEGO bricks were used. This includes almost all the pieces from 32 Blue Tubs (#3033), almost 300 (!) small baseplates (8x16 studs), and 63 blue plate packs from LEGO Shop-at-Home. A few other pieces were also bought from private collectors (226 tiles so the drawers could slide, et cetera). * The desk weighs about 120 pounds, I think. I have not actually weighed it... but I think that is close. * About 7 pounds of glue were used. Brand: Oatey, All-Purpose (PVC, CPVC, ABS) Glue. * The desk has the following dimensions (inches, WxHxD): 60" x 29.5" x 30". * It has 7 working drawers (six small, one large). * It has a folding lid in the top that conceals a hole for computer cables to drop through. * Yes, the top is bumpy—studs up. I offered to make the top smooth, but the client specifically requested otherwise. Whatever. I also offered to build a retractable keyboard tray in the front, but that was not wanted. Nor a mosaic of the company logo on the top or sides. * Yes, I was paid to build the desk. Don't ask how much. It was worth my time.

[EricHarshbarger via MAKE]

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