Dealzmodo: Black Zune for $104

microsoft-zune.jpgHere's a somewhat convoluted Dealzmodo to get a black Zune from Dell for $104 shipped. Here's what you do:

- Click on the "MP3s" Box - Click Microsoft under "Shop By Brand" on the left side - Click on the Pink Zune and add it to your cart. - Now you will be at a screen that says the Pink Zune has been added to your cart. Check the box beside the black Zune under "Related Products" on this page. - Click "Proceed to cart and checkout" under the black Zune check box. - Remove the Pink Zune from your cart. - The black Zune should now be in your cart for $109. - Pay with Paypal and receive an additional 10% off. - At least one person has reported having theirs shipped for $104 with tax and shipping.

[Audio Junkies]

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