Cute Overload: BooRu-BooRu Speakers are CuteRu-CuteRu

m00000006359_pop.jpgTake any grotesque alien form, add large, ETesque eyes, and we're in love. It's a genetic weakness sure to be exploited by hostile androids that's already being exploited by Korean radio manufacturers. The BooRu-BooRu speakers not only have adorable sound coming out of their plush bodies, but radio controls on their eyes, ears cute...can't resist saying it...tummies.

With MP3 connectivity (we believe through standard audio jack), the BooRu-BooRu speakers just might take the place of my Spiderman pillow...if I ever find myself hit in the crotch by an open liquid nitrogen tank and my balls freeze, fall to the ground and shatter into millions of tiny ball fragments. $37
[product via ubergizmo]

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