Crocs Creates New Sweat-Absorbing Material for Shirts, Calls it Croslite

crocks_shirt.jpgCrocs, a shoe company suddenly famous for its clunky, gummy footwear made of what it calls Croslite, has decided to try its hand at making shirts of a similar material. And no, fetishists, this is not a rubber shirt. Jeez.

Since the company's been notably successful making ugly shoes for luminaries such as Jack Nicholson, Al Pacino and George W. Bush, it figured it might try its hand at creating a somewhat better-looking shirt out of the breathable resin that soaks up sweat and doesn't feel like a rubbery wetsuit when you put it on. But rest assured, it's not made out of the exact same crap the shoes are.Crocs employed some tricky tech to blend that Croslite with natural fibers—including our personal favorite, cotton—and the company's calling it Croslite rt, with the rt standing for "relaxed technology." The result? A shirt made of a "sweat-resistant substance" that's supposedly just right for outdoor activities.

The company plans to offer the shirts in the same variety of kooky colors used with its strange-looking, rubbery clogs. Hey, if they're as comfortable as people say, the shirts might be as successful as the shoes are. [Daily Mail, via BB Gadgets]

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