Craziest Guitars Ever Made

weirdguitars_front2.jpgIf you think you've encountered some weird guitars, you ain't seen nothing yet. Ed Roman, owner of a huge guitar shop and self-proclaimed "Guitar King of Las Vegas," has put together a new online collection of some of the strangest axes ever to grace this planet. One example is the sexy "BC Rich Bitch" guitar you see above, whose long neck is a clever play on words. Gives new meaning to the term "tailpiece." This gallery contains just a fraction of the crazy git-boxes Ed Roman has found, sold, commissioned or custom built. Some of these things have such sharp edges they're just downright dangerous, and speaking of dangerous, check out the Ted Nugent guitar with a compartment in the back for your Derringer. Might be handy to have that guitar on hand when you play one of those nightclubs where the stage is surrounded by a floor-to-ceiling cage. [Ed Roman]

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