Cordhog Tidies Your Wires, Respects Your Space

post32508cordhog.jpgIs there anything more annoying than stubbing your toe on the side of your bed? Yes there is—all your wires getting in a hefty mess is infinitely more aggravating. Cordhog understands our pain and have devised this ingenious solution. It is a ball like structure that wires wrap around and that is it! Much like football (ours, not yours), all the best things in life are pretty simple and this is testament to the solution. It reminds me of those little histone proteins the DNA coils itself around all tight and cute; now we can all have histone wire solutions to prove how incredibly geeky we are.

The annoyance of messy wires may not hurt on the outside, but a wired disarray will slowly kill you on the inside. (Take it from me, I know). To tidy your colossal cable clutter you shall have to set aside, a very reasonable, $6 for six Cordhogs. That's Mark's Christmas gift sorted! [Uber Review]

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