Condom that Makes your Willy Bigger Set to be Huge

hedgehog.jpgA condom that will make your erection even larger than it already is and last even longer than it already does—ain't that right, guys?—is on its way. British firm Futura Medical's CSD500 rubber will be launched by British condom manufacturer Durex under an as-yet undisclosed name sometime next year. And it's all to do with what's in the teat.ron-condom.gifThe condom contains a small amount of gel called Zanifil that dilates the arteries and increases blood flow to the penis, giving the wearer a firmness, increase in size and longevity that isn't needed at all, because you were just trying it out to see if made any difference, right? What I want to know is, what the hell are they going to call it? [Futura Medical]

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