Circumcision Design: Wiimote Strap Gets Clip

wiistraps.jpgWiimote Strapgate continues, with Nintendo hopefully putting the whole flimsy diabolical to rest once and for all. The resolution comes with the attachment of a clip that holds down the cord in a desired position. This would cause less sudden tension at the apex of the knot, whilst delivering peace of mind gaming for those not versed in the art of Wii-Samurai.The new addition is set to make an appearance on all new production controllers. Given the original replacements seemed to be doing a mighty fine job, we doubt the big N are going to offer this up free to anyone, but who knows? (We don't, hence the question). Now, lets hope stupid warnings do not start appearing on our beloved game covers, such as, 'Click on your strap, click on your screen.' If you have any other examples of ridiculous cautionary advice like, 'Smoking kills,' drop them in the comments and we all can have a merry laugh. [Kotaku] .

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