Church Gives Out iTunes Vouchers, God Is Tempted

jobswindow.jpgWhat would convince your good selves to stop reading Gizmodo on a Sunday morning in favour of attending Holy Communion? A $15 iTunes voucher, you say? Church by the Glades, in Florida, hears you.

In an effort to bribe new members, Church by the Glades will be handing out $15 iTunes vouchers to attendees of their iThemed services. The bribe will run for three weekends, but it looks like you have just missed the first. In return you will have to complete a connection card. We imagine selling your soul to the devil will not be permitted thereafter. That rules us out—he was really convincing with the whole, "I'm a ton of fun" speech. The seminar series titled, "i: Successful Living in a Self Absorbed World," sounds rather interesting. Not only will you get to learn how to live successfully, you will be able to return home and download tracks so you can get back to being "self absorbed." Yesterday was the first night of the service and to celebrate one lucky audience member walked home with an iPhone!

If the path to perdition was not reason enough to go and beg for forgiveness, then iTunes vouchers should get you off your sinning behinds. Still, we should have known this was coming. After all, the iTunes agreement section 2.4.3 reads; "[sic]And I will strike down upon thee with furious anger, those who attempt to wrong my brothers and you will know my name is Steve Jobs, when I lay my iTunes music service, with some DRM free tracks, upon thee." Dead giveaway. [Church by the Glades via Palmbeachpost]

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