Chair Suitcase, Unbelievably Is Not Black Magic

Post1_12-ChairCase.jpgThe suitcase lives in a paradox - when in use it is economising space, when it is not in use it does the exact opposite. Some bright spark knew there had to be a better way and to prove it they designed the Suitcase Chair.

When not in baggage carrying use, your suitcase can now keep gravity at bay by preventing your butt from falling to the ground. If you tend to vomit when seated on the floor and have a strong aversion to furniture that cannot take on a dual purpose in life, the Chair Suitcase is for you. If such problems in life evade you, you should have one anyway - this much functionality, in such a confined plastic space, is only usually displayed by your winkle. Plastic and winkles aside, we love it as much as we love making jokes about small, useless willies. As far as we can tell, this is only a concept, but if you know any better go ahead and prove us wrong - drop what you know in the comments. Drop your doo-doo in the toilet... wash your hands... seek help. [Techeblog]

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