CBL Data Recovery Comp: Tell us your stories!

cbl-recovery.jpg Don't forget we have a great competition running right now to win you a 'Get out of jail free' card from CBL Data Recovery. You win it, you keep it safe, and if you ever have an ultimate data disaster you can cash it in for a full recovery operation. That's $3,500 worth.

Just go back to the main competition post and tell us about your worst data disasters.

Jump below to read some simple stories CBL shared with us that they have heard from some of their previous customers, as well as some thoughts on what to do when you hear that dreaded 'click'. And if you missed the post that opened the door to us running this comp, you can read CBL's Ten Commandments of Data Loss Prevention right here.From CBL:

We have a few stories like "the secretary that calls up and says her boss has lost all data from his laptop - oh what was the failure - in a fit of anger he throw it across the room!" Things can go much worse before they get better ;-)

A very common story is: "I purchased a 300GB back up and downloaded everything to the drive and it has now failed.... but instead of this remaining the "back up" they put all original copies to the external and now its the original by default and still just a hard drive."

We had a recovery come in a stolen laptop and returned to the owner not working - we recovered the data and the thief had taken a picture and placed on the desktop of his new truck with licence plate and all! The police nabbed the laptop thief in the end!

Now, about that clicking:

Shut off the power immediately and advise your IT supplier of any unusual noises as these may indicate imminent malfunction - this I will explain. At the 1st sound of a clicking noise the heads are telling you they are in distress - the clicking is creating read errors and may not allow you to ever shut down at this point and reboot as we do not know where the read errors have been created on the hard drive. But powering on and off now to listen to the noise is disaster... the heads can not fix themselves, so what they do is continue creating read errors... and on the power up that you hear silence the heads usually have now failed completely and are creating the "ring of death" and at that point there is no data it is scratched off and shows as dust to the technicians on the inside filter.

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