Canon Reveals New SX Line of Low-Cost Ultra-Zoom Cameras

sx100front.jpgCanon rolled out its SX100 ultra-zoom camera today, bringing a decent low-priced camera to the ultra-zoom market segment. How ultra is it? It's got some pretty good 10x optical zoom glass on the front, and it's also delivering lots of value in the image processor department, loading up Canon's best Digic III imaging chip that's packing eight megapixels on board.sx100_back.jpg Its $299 price is especially low considering that it gives you those higher-end features. It also uses 640LP, a new video mode rolled out today for many of Canon's Powershot cameras. Aimed at YouTube users, it's a higher compression movie mode for 640x480 30fps video that fits twice as much video in the same amount of disk space as its also-included normal video mode. sx100_silver.jpg Holding this camera in our hands at a demo in New York, we noticed it's not any bigger than lots of other cameras in its class that have just a 3x zoom lens. It's a lot of camera for that price range. It'll be available next month. [Canon]

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