B&W Tube Clock Gets You Laid

Post5%3A4.jpgDid you ever want to be Marty McFly so you could get your hands on the flux capacitor, not for time travel, but instead so you could use it as décor for your abode? Well friends rejoice, B&W has released the Tube Clock. The set up consists of six smoke domes encasing red LEDs, all mounted on a stainless steel and wood base. Although it is unlikely it will take you back to 1985, it will make you look like a stylised don that should be wearing an Armani suit.The contrast between your geek factor and the clocks chic factor shall put ladies in an extremely confused state of mind. Hopefully, this 'confusion' will render them helpless to your otherwise pathetic advances. There you have it, not only will this clock tell you the time, right down to the second it will also get you laid. If the above is not reason enough to relieve you of your $200, I don't know what is. [Product Page via Technabob] .

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