Boozy Lamp Lets the Spirits Shine Through

boozelight_front.jpgWe like to celebrate all things drinking just like the next guy, but we're kind of scratching our heads over this goofy table lamp that attempts to splash the color of your favorite booze all over your walls. Just insert the neck of that bottle of wine, liquor or whatever else into this rocker-shaped lighting fixture, and the spotlight within shines up through the liquid, bathing your drinking space with the muted crimson hue of a fine Cabernet or making it murky with the earthy caramel color of that Johnny Walker Black. This comes to us courtesy of our Japanese Gizmodo brothers, who are quite good at finding crazy stuff all over that kooky country. The roughly translated description assures us that the lamp is not going to be heating up that liquor, just making the room more beautiful. It's all yours for 19,950 yen, or around $172. One problem, though: By the time you've polished off that bottle, it's going to light up the room just like a bare light bulb. But you'll be completely anesthetized by then, anyway. [Caina Design Shop, via Gizmodo Japan]

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