Bombs Made of Exploding Metal Are 100% Destruction, 0% Fat

explosive-metal.jpgThe US military has developed a bomb that will blow up multiple times. First the warhead's explosive itself; then the shrapnel will detonate on contact with any surface. Each metal shard from the shell will blow up everything they touch instead of just ripping through metal or flesh, as you can see in this image of a recent Navy's test.

These bombs made of reactive materials would be as destructive as cluster bombs but won't be dangerous after they explode. With cluster bombs the civilian population not only dies on the first strike, but could die or get injured later, if they find any part that hasn't exploded yet. With this material, not only almost everything in the bomb would disintegrate on impact along with the objective but, if anything is left, it would be easy to eliminate without risk.

Apparently both the Navy and the Army want to use the technology for anti-missile systems, but the Air Force's version, called BattleAxe, is being developed purely for offensive purposes. If you live in any conflict area, you can order your own BattleAxe now, which will be delivered to you free of charge after testing finishes in 2009. As Robert Duvall would say:


Metal is the new napalm. And it smells of victory. And fried bacon. [Popular Mechanics]

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