Body Heat Powers Gadgets

bodyheat_electricity.jpgThose freaky scientists at the Fraunhofer Institute are always thinking up cool stuff, and now they've figured out how to turn body heat into electricity. It works by taking advantage of the difference between two temperatures, but until these Fraunhofer dudes got ahold of the idea, the required temp range was too great to use body heat. If you think about it, there's still quite a bit of difference between room temperature and 98.6°. We thought of an even better way to power up gadgets using this technology.

Notice the picture of a hand resting on this device here which looks like it's cranking out enough juice to power that laptop sitting next to it, but we're thinking this would be a perfect device for Chen to stick down his pants. The ladies are saying it's pretty hot down there. [Digital Journal, via Med Launches]

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