Body Energizer Vibrating Exercise Machine Shrinks Something, But Not Your Butt

vibratingexercise-1.JPGThe Body Energizer Vibrating Exercise Machine claims to improve your muscle strength and bone density, using some magic high-frequency vibration. Doesn't this remind you of those worthless butt-shaking machines that were so popular back in the '60s? This one's makers also boast about how it could actually speed weight loss. They even drop the possibility of a few Olympic athletes using it. Take the jump to read the entertaining and incredible exultation to get you to buy this thing. And hey, it's on sale!

Simply hold on to the grippy bars, and stand or squat on the nonslip platform (or try one of the many alternate positions illustrated). In just two to four minutes, three to five times a week, you'll notice a remarkable difference within a month. Similar machines cost as much as $2,500 - but why pay more?

Hmm. Also works as a massage machine? Different positions? Sounds like someth8ing entirely different. The good news? It regularly cost $400 and now it's just $229.95. Caveat emptor. [Hollywood Gadgets, via Sci Fi Tech]

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