Boblbee Solar Case Gives You Infinite Music

boblbee_1921_289830.jpgThe Boblbee Solar is a weatherproof iPod case made for adventurers. Fully droppable and wettable, the Boblbee Solar can take its share of the hard knock life. But its real trick is a curved solar panel, making the most of surface area for a charge cycle that should be about 8 to 10 hours on a sunny day. Eight to 10 hours is not so bad, especially when you realize the iPod nano is rated for 24 hours of use.

In other words, the Boblbee could recharge the nano up to three times before your battery is able to drain once. And for those in the wilderness, the music never has to stop. Infinite playback without a wall socket? That's incredible. The Boblbee Solar isn't priced yet, but keep your eye on the product link if you are interested in a purchase. [product via tfts]

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