Blurry Pics Of Palm Gandolf Will Make You Hot (Maybe)

P1.jpgHave you been lusting after the soon to be released Palm Gandolf? Do you have an insatiable appetite for blurry pictures of items you are lusting after? You lucky devil, it appears all your eggs have hatched, hit the gallery to see some blurry-ass pictures of the object of your affection. Feature wise we do not have anything new to go on from our last reporting other than; the official (rumoured) title shall be Treo 800. It shall pack in a touch sensitive screen and contrary to earlier leaked shots, it shall be smaller than first thought. Again, nothing official has been announced and although the pictures look believable enough, why are there no shots of this bad girl in action? Our warning is, take this with a pinch of salt. [Palm Infocenter]

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