Belkin comp winners!

Belkin comp winners!

And the winners are… Andrew (ie, therapist… not a.dunne, sorry), Daniel J, Beej, Grey Pants, Steve, Benjibuls (whether you meant it or not, we were suitably ROFL), Reckless, Adam, Adrian, H, and matt (lowercase, not upper…).

Belkin has decided to keep things happy for everyone, and will be in touch to give each of you your choice of one prize or the other – so everyone gets the piece of kit they want!

Sorry to those who missed out – there was a lot of great comment in there, so it’s a shame we had to try and pick ten out of the crowd. Lots more deserved to be on the list too. We’ll keep the comps coming, so all the best for next time.

And don’t forget the CBL ‘Get out of jail free’ card for some serious data recovery relief if you ever need it. $3500 worth of piece of mind for one lucky reader.