Baka RoboCup Competition Pits 'Funny' Robots Against Each Other

bender.jpgThe Baka RoboCup 2007 is a robot competition in Japan, but not one to see what robot can kick a soccer ball the best or drive the fastest. No, it's a competition to see which robot is the most entertaining and useless. Well, at least they're honest.

To qualify for the competition, aspiring baka-robo must satisfy 3 conditions: (1) they must be mechanical in nature (i.e. they must have moving parts), (2) they must serve no useful purpose (i.e. they must be as impractical and worthless as possible), and (3) they must make people laugh (with entertaining action, amusing features, systems that surprise or shock the audience, etc.).

Yes, it's a robot comedy contest. I'm highly skeptical that a robot could match the brilliant comedic nuances of a Dane Cook or Carlos Mencia*, but I guess we'll find out on November 4th when it all goes down. If you think your robot is hee-larious enough to take home the main prize of $4,200, the deadline for entries is October 5th.

*This is sarcasm, just to preempt the commenters accusing me of loving the two worst comics on the face of the planet. Is sarcasm really sarcasm if it needs to be explained? Perhaps I should just include two comics that I actually like and drop the sarcastic digs at those two jackasses. Oh well, too late now. [Baka RoboCup via Pink Tentacle]

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