Arn's Theory of Apple Rumours

apple-rumors.jpgArnold Kim of generally sticks to the speculative evidence, usually refraining from venturing into wilder guesses. Recently he brought to light a simple but so far unobserved pattern for better prediction:1) Apple Legal never gets involved for Images/Video of Fake Products and 2) Apple Legal always gets involved for Images/Video Real Products. This means that Apple Legal could be the best way to verify leaked images, since they can only C&D property that is theirs. I call the pair Arn's First and Second Theory of Apple Rumours.He backed up his observation with historical evidence. If he's right, we may all have an astoundingly accurate method of determining which leaked images are fake and real. (He timepegs his theory to the recent iMac keyboard, which contrary to popular belief, thinks is fake.) [NormalKid]

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