Aeroscraft ML866 Flying Yacht

7752_7080750258.jpgSet to be launched next month, the whale-looking Aeros ML866 uses a combination of buoyancy (like a blimp) and lift (like a plane) to cruise comfortably through the air with over 5,000 square feet of interior room, it has more room than some houses. It can take off vertically, without taking up runway time at crowded airports, and even fields, and man, this thing is designed to fit a "business center" with video conferencing, but we were thinking more like a swimming pool with adjoining hot tub, and a few of those 103-inch plasmas from Panasonic. The downside is a rated 120 knots of top speed, which means a world tour on this baby wouldn't be nearly as quick as it would be roomy. [GizMag]

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