AACS Copy Protection Scheme Looking Worse All the Time

drmorwell.jpgArs Technica has a lengthy piece that re-sounds the battle cry against AACS, the copy protection scheme for Blu-Ray and HD DVD—specifically, the gimpage it's bringing to both PCs and Macs in order to sate Hollywood's fears of casual piracy.

The video path basically has to be locked down at every point, and both Microsoft and Apple's OSes are required to employ "techniques of obfuscation clearly designed to effectively disguise and hamper attempts to discover the approaches used" so it's harder to hack, among other great "features."Because they want PCs and Macs to be able to play high-def content, neither Microsoft nor Apple are in a position to tell Hollywood to take a flying fuck, either—to wit, Vista's already loaded down with it, and Apple's on the Blu-Ray board, so expect them to saddle up soon enough.

The bottom line for end users is that they're stuck with a copy protection system that's a total pain in the ass, while it devours system resources to constantly monitor the stream's "integrity." Awesome. Thanks, Hollywood. [Ars Technica, Image via Flickr]

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