AAA Announces GPS-Enabled Turn by Turn Direction Software For Mobiles

aaa.pngThe trusted name in changing a busted tire so you won't have to, AAA is releasing AAA Mobile, a software suite for mobile phones that allows turn-by-turn GPS directions on a pay-for-use basis. The cost will be $9.99 a month, and will work on the phones listed after the jump. The benefits of using AAA is that you can have access to their Diamond Ratings (hotels, restaurants) and find points of interest in their TourBook guide. There's even options for finding AAA-approved auto repair facilities, which is useful if you're taking a cross country trip in that beater you own.

Sprint only:

Samsung M500, Samsung M510, Sanyo SCP-7050, Sanyo M1, Sanyo SCP-8400, Sanyo MM-9000, Sanyo SCP-3200 and LG 550 (Fusic).

[AAA via Crunchgear]

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