89% of Americans Want Texting While Driving Outlawed

textdeadohine.jpgAccording to a 2,049-person poll, demographically weighted proportionally to the US, 89% of adults think that text messenging while driving is "distracting, dangerous, and should be outlawed." So how many of those polled text and drive anyway?

AU: I know driving and talking on a mobile is illegal here. Was texting part of that same ban? ie, was it 'mobile phone use'? Or is it still technically legal to txt and drive? I generally turn my phone off while I'm in the car. Makes for some nice tunes time.


So is this a situation of "we know it's for our own good," or, "those other people can't text while driving, but my super multitasking powers make it safe for me"?

I'm guilty of the non-crime. And yes, it's because I believe myself to have heightened (some may say spider-like) reflexes. Should it be banned? Probably. [prnews]

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