1000 Foot Wi-Fi Range Sounds Delicious, Probably Tastes Like Crap

hfield_wifire_mac1.jpgAny device that claims to allow connection to wireless Internet with a 1000 feet range, we tend to label black magic. Regardless, the Wi-Fire by hField Technologies, apparently does exactly that.

The boffins profess the secret lies within a powerful directional antenna that acts as a receiver with increased sensitivity. Further to this, bundled software is then able to allow the enhancement of standard Wi-Fi signals. The product supports both Mac and Windows and retails at $79.

If we had $1 for every time an appliance promised to enhance the strength of our Wi-Fi signal, we would have enough cash to go and invent a device that would do the job, by hiring researchers from Harvard to do all the inexplicable calculations, no less. Unfortunately then, we are going to have to rely on you guys to tell us what the deal is with the Wi-Fire. Until someone calls good on what hField is promising, we are sticking to our black magic suspicions. [Everythingusb] .

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