Yellow Submarine iPod Forthcoming, Loaded with Entire Beatles Catalog?

ipod-yellowsub-sm.jpgHi there, Beatles haters. Please skip on down to the next post, and keep listening to that crappy music that will never measure up to the virtuosity and creativity of the musical entity that defined the 20th Century. Okay, now that they're gone, here's the next rumor in the saga of the Beatles and Apple, and this one has a Yellow Submarine-like iPod shipping soon with the entire Beatles catalog loaded on board.

This latest round of Beatles-on-iPod scuttlebutt comes from a music industry consultancy called Music Ally, which also somehow knows that this Yellow Submarine iPod will commemorate the date when all the Beatles tracks suddenly become available on iTunes. The consultancy adds that all these Beatles songs will be exclusive to iTunes for a month before they are offered on any other music download service.

We've been bamboozled by all these Beatles/Apple rumors so many times, we're not going to hold our breath waiting for this one. [Tech Digest, via CrunchGear]

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