XtremeMac TuffWrap Case Doesn't Ruin iPhone's Natural Good Looks

tuffwrap_iphonecase.jpgWe usually reject iPhone cases because they are a dime a dozen, but this TuffWrap case from XtremeMac is different. It doesn't spoil the svelte design of the iPhone, adding an unobtrusive slip-resistant silicone edge to keep you from dropping it, and a clear plastic film on the outside that still lets you use the touchscreen.

This case leaves every switch and jack open, so of course, it's not waterproof. But we especially like the way it even has a little hole for the camera on the back. Even those of us who are reluctant to use any case at all are tempted by this TuffWrap case, because there've been a few times already when we've almost dropped the iPhone, and those easy-grip ridges on the side look like they could prevent a disaster or two. This is one case that might be worth pre-ordering now at its $19.95 price. [XtremeMac TuffWrap]

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