Xbox 360 Passes Wii as Most Googled Console, May Turn Sales Around?

xbox%20wii.pngAs of a couple days ago, the Xbox 360 has officially passed up the Wii as the most searched for console (in internet searches) since early November of last year. This wasn't due to the Wii interest dropping lately (it's been more or less constant since January 2007), but more because of a gradually growing interest in the 360 since April. Hitwise, the company that's been tracking these terms, says that an increased search rate is usually indicative of a higher amount of future sales for that product. Since the Xbox 360 has been sluggish in sales despite a really good game library, it makes us wonder why there's an upswing in searches now. Could it be because of the rumours of the impending $50 price drop? Could it be because of all the failures and warranty extension data? Hitwise says it's not (it wasn't in the top 10 searched terms), and only appeared at #13 and #15 in the list. Not quite large enough to make a significant impact at only about half a %. [Hitwise]

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