WowWee Alive Elvis Robot Unboxed... and Skinned

Elvis_Half-Skinned.jpg There was no need to perform a Voight-Kampff test on this skin job. It came from the folks who introduced the world to the Robosapien—and besides, it had infrared vision sensors and no arms or legs. Since we showed you the first glimpse of robot Elvis at CES, we realized that now that it's out, the only direction to go was a full-on skinning in the name of technical appreciation. That's right, lest ye think we're dissing the King, I want to state, for the record, that we have the utmost respect for the estate of Elvis Aaron (or was that Aron?) Presley, not to mention a positively drooly reaction to anything coming from the WowWee magic shop. Consider this ringing endorsement of one totally crazy product (yours for only $349.99). [WowWee Alive]

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