World's Smallest Single Chip Camera Is REALLY Small

OV6920_camerachip.jpgTDC's new OV6920 CameraChip is the world's smallest CMOS chip at just 1/18-inch (1.4mm). This means that the attached camera setup is just 3.2mm in total size—or in layman's terms—never change outside of your own bedroom again.

Shooting at a low resolution of 328 x 250, the chip is configurable for NTSC output and can automatically control color saturation, exposure and gain. Sipping from a low 3.3V DC power supply, the chip will be useful in low power applications—from medical pills to spy gear to toys. While the practical applications for tiny cameras are limitless, technological breakthroughs like this just reinforce the inevitable future: We will all be on camera all the time...and that Futurama's fabled UltraPorn is on its way. [TDC via therawfeed]

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