Wired Taunts Fat Geeks with Inedible Wii Cake

marthahowto.jpg Wired has just launched their new How-To site, chock full of instructions and tips to do any number of things, some more useful than others (how to stalk people on Flickr? Awesome.). One that caught our eye was the Martha-Stewart-inspired Wii Cake. The problem? The cake is goddamned inedible. Sure, it's really cool looking and it would make for a unique birthday party, but you can't eat the thing! You can't eat it for a couple of reasons, the first being that it's full of sticks for structural support, the second being that it's made without baking soda so it'll taste like a big pile of ass. So basically, Wired has created instructions for making the biggest cocktease ever for overweight video game nerds: a cake they can't eat shaped like a video game console they can't play. That's tough to swallow, but we can't deny the allure of a gigantic video-game themed pastry. [Wired]

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