Wind-Up LED Camp Light, The Perfect Apocalypse Appliance

windup_led_lamp.jpgForget about hassling with solar power or batteries when there's no electricity any more (or on your next camping trip)—just wind up this LED camp light for a minute, and it lights up your post-apocalyptic world for 30 minutes. Wind it up all the way and it'll give you four hours of its brightest light or 48 hours' worth of its dimmer nightlight setting. And hey, it doesn't need much energy because it's using five LEDs instead of energy-sucking incandescent bulbs.

If you don't feel like winding it up you can plug it into your car's cigarette lighter, with a charge of the light's internal battery giving you eight hours of light. It even has a handy carrying handle that lets you hang it upside down in your tent. We're just hoping that its wind-up mechanism doesn't make that distracting ticking sound as it completes its energy cycle. [I Want One of Those]

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