Windows XP RobuDOG Plays Ball And Takes Pictures

Robudogs.jpgThe Windows XP-running RobuDOG is part robopet, part photographer. The dog's colorful noggin is packed with all sorts of goodies, including infrared sensors for guidance and an "intelligent, programmable" color camera. So, while using its 17 servo-powered joints and articulated ankles to run and kick a ball around—something it's supposed to be better at than your average dog—the RobuDOG will also be able to take snaps of the action. The robomutt comes with 2GB of built-in flash memory, probably for scripts and pictures. With Windows XP and its b/g wireless capabilities, we're hoping it can just toss its snaps to Windows-based PCs around the house. What you might end up with is a cool gallery of your life as seen by your RobuDOG. That also means it will be able to use Windows programs geared toward robots, like Microsoft's Robotics Studio.

The RobuDOG uses a 500MHz AMD Geode LX800 processor, 512 MB of internal RAM, both an Ethernet and a USB port, and a speaker allowing it to bark. Developed in France, the RobuDOG is going to cost around 3,200 Euros, so expect to pay upwards of $4,400 to get it in the States. [WindowsForDevices via GearLog]

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