Wii Fishing Pole Almost Adds Excitement to Simulated Angling

wiiFishingPole_front.jpgTrying to make fishing games seem like fun on the Nintendo Wii, Brando releases the Wii Fishing Pole, an attachment that you clamp onto the Wiimote, supposedly giving you more realism and a heaping helping of that unmistakable fishing excitement. What excitement, you say? You know, all that casting and waiting. It's fishing without all the mess, flies, dead fish, sunburn and feeling of accomplishment.

We're thinking it's going to be tough to fix the fishing games released thus far for the Wii, including Bass Fishing Wii, which our Kotaku brethren called "dull," and Rapalla Tournament Fishing, which hasn't been very well received either. Perhaps the only thing this $19 Wii Fishing Pole will be good for is beating a dead horse.

Just a thought: It's summertime—maybe a bit of real fishing would be a better substitute for playing a fishing game on the Wii.

Product Page [Brando]

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