V-MODA Vibe Duo Headphones/Headset Come iPhone Ready

v-moda-headphones-top-2.jpgSince the iPhone's headphones jack is leaving us all with precious few options, it's not surprising to see headphones made specifically with the gadget in mind. The V-MODA's Vibe Duo headphones deliver the same quality sound V-MODA earbuds are known for, and act as a headset to boot. That means you don't need to whip out the iPhone to answer calls—just trigger it on the headset. While not as colorful as previous designs, these sleek, high-end earbuds will fit any standard jack, as well as the iPhone's mysteriously recessed jack.

The Vibe Duo earbuds feature the same technology V-MODA puts into all their high end headphones, so you'll get plenty of bass, less spillover, and black fabric cables ending in durable, metal enclosures. They cost $99, but are well worth it as they won't get in the way of your calling, either. It's also worth noting that they're the only third party headphones in the Apple Store. The quality might make you want to chuck the iPhone earbuds anyway.

Oddly, there isn't much else that sets them apart from previous V-MODA headphones, save their "DUAL compatibility," which is just a fancy way of saying it fits everything you should expect and then the iPhone as well. Still, buying a fresh set is lot faster than waiting for Apple to issue a redesign. But if you've got an iPhone, these are definitely the way to go if you're looking for a V-Moda set, thanks to its dual mic/headphone capability.


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