Vintage Car Shelves Make Your Room Look Like a '60s Parking Lot

car_shelves.jpgClean up that pigsty and decorate with some style at the same time with these classic car shelves, mini-replicas of some your favorite machines from days of yore. Check it out: There's an old '57 Chevy, a classic Mustang from 1965, and what's that? It looks like a Corvette, vintage C3 from around 1969. Nice.

If you don't mind that your wall might look like a miniature car just drove into it from the outside, these 20-inch-wide bookshelves might be just for you. They're 6 1/2 inches deep, just about right for smaller books, but we're not sure about how detailed they are. I mean, how perfect can they look for $69.95 each? [What On Earth]

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