Video To JesusPhone Conversion Software Showdown

dvdtoiphone.jpg Shiny new toys beget hordes of software utilities to make them easier to use, and the iPhone is no exception. Today's battle: video conversion software. The first offering is the aptly-named DVD to iPhone software from underdog Innovative Solutions. Four mouse clicks will have you transferring Entourage reruns with blazing-fast "Cyberspeed" technology. What software Goliath emerges to challenge this brave David?

roxiocrunch.jpg That behemoth is none other than Roxio, hardened veteran of the utility software realm. Its latest offering is Roxio Crunch, a simple-to-use conversion program with output settings for Apple TV, iPod and iPhone. A few clicks will handle all the grunt work here, too, and the added functionality of batch conversion and automatic iTunes integration puts it a step above the competition.

Can David conquer Goliath? Not this time. If you're dying for a cheap(er) solution to your video problem, check out DVD to iPhone's free trial, or shell out the $30 if you're on a small business kick. Mac users be warned: DVD to iPhone is, ironically, PC only. If you're on a Mac or just want something that looks, feels and acts like a more polished product, you'll need to drop $40 for Roxio's Crunch. [DVD to iPhone Product Page][Roxio Crunch Product Page]

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