Video Surfaces of 6th Gen iPod

Post1-22%206thgen.jpg A video, claiming to be of the 6th Gen iPod interface, has appeared on various websites. The 58s clip is split into three sections; music, navigation and world clock. The video appears to do away with any hope for a complete touch screen surface, as the software is more akin to past iPods (rather than the iPhone). The World Clock feature seems to borrow from the iPhone setup, but other than that, this doesn't look like the revolution we were hoping for. Hit the jump to see it for yourself. We can not take any such source seriously without an official endorsement, as far as we are concerned, this is nothing more than a note worthy rumour. Having studied the video, my personal opinion is that it seems plausible, especially given the speculated release date of January. Skeptics have firmly labelled this as a fake, citing the somewhat sloppy nature of presentation. Agreed then, for Apple the presentation is poor. However, the notion that this is intended for commercial viewing detracts from its feasibility; if real, this was only ever meant for internal use, thus excusing any lapse in quality. Either way it's worth a view. Let us know what you make of it. [PMP Today]

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