Video of XREP Wireless Taser Shotgun Shocking Some Dude

xrep_banner05.jpgWhat do you get when you combine a Taser with a shotgun shell? Something you really, really don't want to get hit with. The new Taser XREP is a tiny wireless Taser that can be fired from a standard issue 12 gauge, taking down perps from up to 100 feet away. And hey, if you're worried that there's just no way that they can cram all the pants-pooping power of a full Taser into a bullet, don't sweat it!The video puts things in perspective, too. Each battery is crammed with enough juice to dole out a full 20-second cycle of pure "non-violent" punishment. 20 seconds! Good lord, that's a long time to be gettin' Tasered. It also has such neat features as three "torsion spring fins" which help the XREP stay straight and fly right into the fleshy part of that guy trying to steal an air conditioner.

Well, that settles it: I'm giving up my life of crime. You've convinced me, Taser! No more breaking and entering for this guy. • [Taser]

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