Vertu Sort of Announces 3G Ascent Ti Phone

Vertu-Ascent-Ti-Thumb.jpgThe Ascent Ti, the next phone in Vertu's overly flashy line, received the dullest unveiling: An FCC filing. Good thing it had enough newness to make up for it. Looks like the Ti is going 3G with UMTS 2100, which means it won't work on our 3G in the States. It'll also have a 3 megapixel camera, a first for Vertu's Ascent phones. But the Ascent Ti isn't all new. It shares quite a few things with its predecessors as well.

Just like Vertu's previous models, the Ascent Ti's chassis is worked in some pricier stuff than the usual plastic. Vertu-Ascent-Ti-Top.jpg

Looking a bit like a robot's head with that green light and the camera hole, the body is all titanium, thus the Ascent Ti, with a leather top. The keypad has a slight dip in its key shape, like a shallow V. And, if you look real close, you can make out the gold trim—another thing the Ti has in common with previous Vertus. Unfortunately, it's probably going to share the same pricetag. Vertu phones tend to run into the 4-digit range, putting even the iPhone to shame. And that's for the cheapest ones. Ever thought of paying $5,200 for a phone?


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